Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy Gaming!

A typical face of Nutty.

Hi there!

Online I am known as Nuttylamb, and this is my story.

 I am a gamer, and an artist... or illustrator of you want to get fancy about it. I also make videos. Gaming videos. The world of online gaming videos on YouTube has evolved into many different genres, and I inhabit the branch dubbed "Let's Plays".

It started with watching others doing lets plays, I enjoyed watching them, it reminded me of watching my older brother playing games (that at the time I was too young to play) and even though I was not actively directing the game, I still felt part of the experience. Since then I decided I would like some of the time in the driving seat and hopefully pass on gaming experiences to others... hopefully not so much the underage ones... but those who enjoy the gaming community, but are in a situation I was in, once upon a time, of not being able afford games (I still can't afford it!).

I started my gaming channel a little over a year ago, and my first year has solidified my love for the sharing of my gaming experience. The community that has gathered around my channel has astounded me, some of the areas are close nit and I get to chat on a personal level with them and its wonderful, I would consider a lot of them friends.

So whats the point of this story you hypothetically ask for the sake of me making progress here? Well, I want to spread out a little further with my channel. Although in my videos, I talk a whole bunch, I'm actually a terrible speaker when it comes to real mouth words. A vast majority of my videos are recorded live, meaning I owe a lot of my content to the game I'm playing, its all very reactionary (which can add to its hilarity).

 I do love talking, discussing and documenting, so this Blog is born. I want a place I can offer a coherent opinion about the games I play and the gaming community. There are no umms and ahhs and there is fewer risk of my mouth skipping ahead of my brain and often spilling out sentences with all the right words but in the wrong order. It happens more often than I'd like it.

So here we are! I intend to revisit my old playthroughs of the games I played last year (a wonderful benefit of recording things) and refresh my opinions of them, and write reviews! And then continue to game and write and game and write and possibly attend some more game related meets, talks and conventions (last year I attended my first: Eurogamer, and fell in love).

I also want to write about some other things surrounding the gaming community, there are a lot of things there to talk about and that I have an opinion about. I will also accept suggestions for my posts, even if its on something I haven't heard about yet and not formed an opinion, I will have a lot of fun researching, have no doubt.

So this is my introduction, I'm looking forward to writing more about this passion of mine :)

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a wonderful day, happy gaming and I'll speak to you all next time! buh-bye!

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